Our Favourite Bathroom Design Trends in 2020

Bathroom renovations are something we specialise in here at M&S Building, and so we see first hand the design trends that circulate each and every year. There are so many different interior design trends to choose from, but ultimately it is subjective and comes down to individual taste. New trends always arise and are constantly changing, making interior design very exciting and something with a lot of creative opportunity. 

When it comes to bathrooms, it is good to try different things and be a little more eccentric in your design and features. However, simple designs are also very effective and can create a very relaxing setting. In case you are looking for some inspiration on how to design your bathroom, we thought we would tell you about some of our favourite trends so far this year!



If you are looking for something perhaps a bit more luxurious and classy, we would definitely recommend incorporating brass into your bathroom. This is something that has become a huge trend this year, and it’s not hard to see why. Brass detailing is very distinctive and gives your bathroom a touch of elegance, creating a really classy and quirky vibe. 

Although bringing brass into your bathroom is quite minimal overall, the impact is significant. A few ways to add brass details and features could be through switching the faucets so that they have a brass finish, having brass ornaments, brass edge mirrors, shower heads and more. It’s a great way to explore with the design and make your bathroom look a bit more sophisticated!


Deep blue

In keeping with the classy theme, and also something that goes exceptionally well with brass detailing, is deep blue. This colour immediately creates impact and makes your bathroom look very modern and luxurious. It is quite a bold colour to introduce, however it is perfect for your bathroom, as the cool tone creates just the right atmosphere for a water based room.

This deep shade of blue is incredibly popular at the moment with all aspects of interior design. It looks quite traditional and is easily paired with other colours and themes. This is a colour scheme we recommend if you want your bathroom to look a bit different and really stand out.


Double sink units

If you live with your partner, double sink units are a great bathroom design trend to get on board with. Not only are they very convenient, but they also look very modern and flashy and provide a really nice focal point in the room. 

Double sink units are something you would typically find in hotels, or big expensive show homes, however there has been a rise in popularity of people having them built into their own bathrooms this year. We certainly think this is a great trend to get on board with and will add something a bit extra to your bathroom.


LED lighting

Another modern trend that people are jumping on board with, is LED lighting. With the right balance and the right layout, this looks stunning in your bathroom. You can use LED lighting in all sorts of decorative ways. For example, you could have it as cabinet lighting, to highlight a particular area, or to be the primary source of lighting for the whole bathroom. 

LED lighting creates a very modern look to the room. Furthermore, aside from being stylish, a lot of people now opt for LED lighting because it’s actually more energy efficient and therefore better for your home and the environment.


Geometric patterns

Bathrooms traditionally have square tiling on the walls, however something that has become preferred recently, is geometric patterns. These tend to make the room look quite edgy and quirky, however with the right colour scheme, they compliment your bathroom perfectly and create a really fun and cool atmosphere. 

The geometric patterns are quite impactful and bold. Paired with a good colour scheme, this makes the perfect balance and makes your bathroom look creative and different.


Rainfall showers

A very popular bathroom feature this year is rainfall showers. They are very luxurious and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Rainfall showers are quite spa-like, and so this is something people are investing in to bring themselves a little more luxury and quality, and to allow them to feel good in their bathroom. 

Not only are rainfall showers practical and sought after, but they also look pretty great too. They give off an element of quality and luxury in their appearance alone. This is definitely an upgrade you won’t regret!


Floating vanity units

If you are going for more of a modern look in your bathroom revamp, floating vanity units are perfect. They are very compact and give off a modernised feel to the room. Furthermore, floating vanity units also tend to make your bathroom appear bigger, due to the fact they take up a lot less space. The only downfall to this is that they do offer less storage. However, floating vanity units are very appealing and pleasing on the eye. It looks quite simplistic in design yet creates a focal point in the room. 

For more information and advice or if you would like to speak to us about renovating your bathroom, simply get in touch with us via our contact page and we will be more than happy to help.