Our Top 5 2020 Interior Colour Trends

As with all interior design trends, popular colour schemes are ever-changing. From year to year and from season to season, new colour trends are adopted and become popular and sought after. It is up to you to use these colour schemes in your own unique way, and you can choose how you incorporate these colours throughout your home and interior design. 

Colours are fun to experiment with and can really bring the interior of your home to life and put a whole new spin on things. Here at M&S Building we specialise in the design and fitting of bathrooms and kitchens, however this means that we see firsthand the ever-changing trends and the colour schemes people are loving. 

Here are some of our favourite colour trends of 2020 so far and how you could use these to enhance your interior design!


Navy blue

Navy blue is a very classic and regal colour. It has been popular for decades, however it has really made a comeback in 2020. This colour trend has surged in popularity so far this year, and it’s not hard to see why. It is a very deep and rich colour that can be beautifully paired with lots of other tones. Having a navy blue theme in your interior creates a very classy yet calm atmosphere, and it is also very impactful on appearance. Furthermore, navy is the perfect colour for any room in the house, whether this takes over the entire room or is just used in a minor way but that still creates impact.


Champagne and gold

These warmer, more neutral sorts of tones are growing in popularity this year. People are using these colours to replace their existing colour schemes whilst adding something a little extra. Though champagne is a very neutral and simplistic shade, it does have a bit more character and adds a level of warmth to the room whilst creating a calming environment. 

Furthermore, gold has more of a pop when you incorporate this into your interior. Though the tone of it is still quite neutral and low key, it certainly catches your attention and refreshes the room. Typically, people will opt for putting gold into their interior design through accents, furniture and accessories, or perhaps having gold shimmers in their wallpaper. This subtle addition can work wonders to any room in the house. 


Baby pink

Over the past couple of years, we have seen grey and white very much become the go-to colour scheme in interior design. This simple yet effective pairing creates the perfect modern vibe to your home. However, another colour that proved popular with this colour scheme, was baby pink. More and more people started introducing this in small ways, and now baby pink has become a popular colour trend in its own right.

Baby pink is such a refreshing, light tone and it is perfect to replace white or cream if you are looking to add that little something extra. Furthermore, this is another colour that works in almost every room in the house when incorporated subtly. Kitchens especially work well with a baby pink theme, as it stands out and is perfect for kitchenware and cooking utensils.


Deep green

As interior colour trends go, deep green is certainly a little different, but sometimes opting for a bold and unique colour scheme creates an amazing outcome. Naturally, this olive sort of tone isn’t everybody’s go-to option when choosing the colours for their interior decor, however this year we are seeing a rise in popularity. 

Deep green tones create a very relaxing, cosy atmosphere to a room, and they certainly have a big impact. Furthermore, though it is a bit bold and different, dark green actually goes with pretty much any other colour. This is perfect for an accent wall and it can really tie the whole room together as well as allow you to experiment with different colour schemes.


Black and white

Black and white is a very dramatic, high contrast pairing, but we know it works. This colour scheme has always been around. It is very classic, and simple yet effective. The drama this pairing creates makes for a really interesting interior colour scheme, as it’s so powerful and bold.

Black and white is the perfect colour scheme for your interior whether your home is modern or traditional, as the pairing is timeless and adds compliments to any style of design and in any room. You cannot go wrong with black and white!

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